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As of today Oct 21,2009 I have had this site up

and working on it for 400 weeks.

I wonder IF I'll ever be finished here.

Are we related? Is your great-grandfather our mother's cousin's grandma's nephew once removed? There's only one way to find out . . . . In this list, names and dates are indexed by surname.

b:10-1834-m- Elizabeth AMBURGEY prior to 1852.
b: 1-8-1854-m-Freelin H.Thomas ,Nov 5-1868
William  b: 12-28-1855

you can find more on Robert Honeycutt by clicking the Whats New tab.

all 4 of these children were born in Letcher Co,Ky

Mary Bell b:9-2-1853 d:2-1-1935

 There is more information on Anderson on the CUSTOM PAGE link

I have listed the names of a lot of his children

---  Collier-------------------------------------
Richard  b:1858

b:August 25-1853

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Visitors, take a peek to see why you're lucky that you didn't get our family's genes. Family members, look to see if you inherited Great-great Grandpa Alfred's pale blue eyes or receding hair line. Or just review the latest family pictures,swap family information.

I have uploaded a few more photo's to the site,look in the UNKNOWN photo's.

The link for the UNKNOWN PHOTO'S is Photo Page #2 &Photo Page #6.

I am also placing a few unknown photo's from my cousin Regina Profitt's mothers photo album here.We sure hope someone can give us a little information,we believe them them to be from the CAUDILL & HALL family.

If you had at one time signed into my guestbook,I would appreciate that if you return here ,please let me know .I had to remove the original book because someone had went into it and placed links that should not be in a family guestbook at all.Thanks and I hope you find something useful here.

Anderson Cook Family

Marlene,another Anderson Cook family member has started a group at yahoo.All you need to do is click on the link ,and sign up to join.I think it could prove to be informative as well as a fun way to meet other family who are also searching.

Anderson Cook Family Group

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