HONEYCUTT Family Photo's
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As I can I will post birth,marriage,and death dates.
These photo's were received from other family members who have also given us a wealth of information.

Johnny & Elizabeth HONEYCUTT Sloan

According to the Letcher Co Ky birth records Elizabeth HUNEYCUTT was b:Aug 25,1878,parents Thomas HUNEYCUTT * Malissa HUGHES

(2) Thomas & Jane HUGHES Honeycutt

Date Unknown,given to me by a ggrand-daughter.
Thomas is a son of Alfred & Elizabeth AMBURGEY Honeycutt.

I would very much like to locate a death record for Thomas,I know he died between 1910-1920 as the census has Jane living in the home with her parents.

(3) Alta RATLIFF Honeycutt
Date Unknown
wife to General Breckinridge
(4) Reba Elizabeth HONEYCUTT -w-husband Parker Yokeley Wheeler
daughter of General and Alta RATLIFF Honeycutt
(5) General Breckinridge HONEYCUTT
Date Unknown
son of Robert & Susan HUGHES Honeycutt
(6) Alfred HONEYCUTT

We have no verification for parents of Alfred .According to his pension application Alfred was born in Oct 1834,

I did find in the North Carolina Bastardy Bonds a male child b:Oct 1832,mother:Susanna Honeycut,in Buncombe Co NC,this is the only male HONEYCUTT child born in that County in that time frame.

Alfred Honeycutt is my very own brick wall,it seems as if the man was just dropped in Ky in 1860 census living in the Letcher Co home of  the PIGMAN'S,and being born in Ky..On his pension application he gives his birth state as N.C..Any information would be appreciated


Sworn Affadavit from the Department of the Interior

Alfred Hunneycut Dec 23-1897 Pine Top,Ky

Following are a list of questions ask Alfred Hunneycut

No,1 Are you a married man?If so please state your wifes full name,and her maiden name .Answer: Elizabeth ne Reynolds

No,2.When,where,and by whom were you married?Answer:by Benjamin Caudill in Letcher Co Ky,in Febuary 1861

No,3.What record of this marriage exist? Answer:none,that I know of,the reckards was burnt at Whitesburg (Clerks Office)during the war.

No,4 Were you previously married?If so,please state the name of your previous wife,and the place and date of her death or divorce.Answer:Elizabeth Amburgey,she died in November 1858 in Letcher Co,Ky

No,5.Have you any children living?If so,please state their names and dates of birth.Answer:Robert Born June 1852.Febey,Born Jan 8,1854,Thomas Born 1858,Grant Born Feb 18th,1865,Tenna Born Nov 24th,1867,Sarah,Born July 16th,1870,Nancy Born June 14th,1876,John W. Born Nov 1st 1878,Wilburn Born May 5th,1881

Ask..and you shall receive
Please feel free to use and download these pictures.Just take a moment to notify us,they are to be used only for private use,not for sale,you must receive owners permission before they can be used for any reason other than private family use.I am hoping that in the future we will have more photo's to post here.Should you have any related photo's you would like to share it would be greatly appreciated.

General Breckinridge is the son of Robert & Susan HUGHES Honeycutt